When I walked through my garden…..

….this morning I spotted within the branches of a silver birch, the cutest little creature. I carefully peeked over a bush at the girl who was leaning back and staring up at a group of birds playing in the sky. She was as silent as a mouse, and had it not been for her fluffy red jumper and her red pointy hat, I woul have walked right past.


It’s been years since I last looked for a gnome within the woods. One of the last  times  Opa (grandfather) and I went to walk the dog. It was cold, the grass outside covered in a thin layer of frost. our steps crunching on the grass. In my gloved hand a pretty napkin, within that wrapped one of Oma’s biscuits, in the other Opa’s hand. Walking side by side to the gnome house in the woods, to deliver the biscuit for their sunday treat. Always the anticipation that we might finally be silent enough and spot them playing outside their house.

And it’s only now, half a life and half a world away that I spot the little gnome girl.

Silently I left, hoping she did not spot me and I might see her again one day



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