To the Land of the Rising Sun

One day, you’re sitting very relaxed in your old comfy chair, drinking a lovely cup of Earl Grey (my #1 sin!) when your phone rings.
On the other side a “Would you like to go to Japan for 6-12 weeks?”, oh yes definitely! Would love to! Remember my bucket list? Japan is on it. So when we going? Next week. WHAT! Next week!?!?

Om my golly! How am I going to get ready? I got suitcases to pack, bulbs to plant, house to tidy, cancel newspapers and mail delivery. I got a veranda to clear, a car to tidy (why? am not driving to Japan. Love my Kia but unfortunately it does not come in amfibian version ..yet) tell my friends I wont be around for a bit, clean the fridge out and…and…and…….

But yes I am going, next week, ready or not, on Friday night I will be on that plane, with the boss and the smurg. So far had 2 days warning and 1/2 of the suitcases are packed, all the laundry is done, and am working on those other bits and bobs.

Will you follow my adventures here?



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