Day 3 of our stay in Narita, and just been too busy to update.
Travel took a little longer due to a overbooked flight. Smurg loved her 1st stay in a hotel, and checked out every cupboard, drawer, nook and cranny before she went off to sleep.
Same happened with her basinette on the plane. HAD to check it out and played in it for about an hour before she finally nodded off and slept all the way to Narita.

We had a lucky day as mount Fuji was visible while we approached the airport, sorry for the terrible picture quality, somehow I always end up in the seat with the scratched widow! The white blob in the background is the snow on Mt. Fuji

The landscape was quite amazing from the air, thousands of fields, all seemingly the same size and the same shape like a massive patchwork blanket, will post some pictures of this later.

After a gruelling 30 min queuing to get through immigration (try that with an 18 month old who just wants to run off and play!) we arrived finally at destination, cool but refreshing after 10 hours of airco.


That’s this bit for now



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