Everyday details

I don’t know if it’s simply because you’re in a foreign country and more alert to differences, or that the country I live in has forgotten the importance of beauty even in the most basic of things.

Earlier we went for a brief stroll with the Smurg and in the 15-20 minutes we walked around the block, I saw a few very pretty things


Clockwise:A copper drain pipe, in the shape of a chain of lotus flowers, A sewer cover plate(is that what you call it?) decorated with cherry blossoms, Stone Bollards covered in a copper filigree scroll work, a tiny shrine outside a disused building (still someone places flowers there for the family of china cats), a pot full of pretty daisies, a japanese maple tree and a potted garden outside a restaurant.

Pretty don’t you think? Especially the sewer cover seems particularly extravagant, but oh so pleasing to the eye.



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