Prop Alert!

HA! I bet you dolly lovers thought I’d forgotten about dolls. Well I have not.
I might be about 12 hrs flying away from my tribe of gnomes, but 1/2 my suitcase if packed with dolls, wigs, shoes and dresses, and ‘things’ to make more dresses and hats and shoes. So lots of dolly action to come in the next 12 weeks, just need to get settled in and organized. Which doesn’t mean that when I’m out I don’t keep my eyes peeled for props.
Found some really nice things, some I bought some I havent yet. Such as a tiny rice paper brolly and fan with would probably suit a 10″-13″ doll.

So far clockwise…

A set of fun erasers in the shape of Japanese foods, pair of wooden clogs/sandals, probably too big for Gracie (Tonner AE) but might be big enough for Baby Face dolls (Alais can’t check as she is asleep with the smurg). Set of sweets perfect for 10-13″, these have sticky backs and are used to decorate cellphones of all things and a tiny pair of Japanese shoes perfect for my Felix Brownie.

I did buy some cute craft bits, funky shaped buttons, felt buttons, ribbons and bows, a few cute pieces of fabric to make kimono’s with and really small…..

ok nothing freaks me out as much as all of a sudden noticing my snack ‘looking’ at me! Here I sit, naughtily munching on a handful of Japanese rice crackers and wasabi peas when all of a sudden this lil dried fish looks up at me!
Check package and blimey! These crackers come not only with wasabi peas but also with lil dried fish! Guess I can do 2 things, try to outstare it, or just gobble it up…….

As I was saying I found tiny crochet hooks 0.5mm ones and bought 2 sets, one for moi, one for someone ‘dolly’ who said she couldn’t find any, but darn if I can remember who! So if you’re the one looking for these send me an email.

Well that’s it for tonight, off to a book and a cuppa



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