Mt. Fuji

Gotemba on a fresh spring morning (yes still spring here for another 2 days) and our first glance of the mountain through the glass elevator on our way to breakfast at the “Brush Up” Hotel (interesting topic, how do some people get the ideas for their shop/hotel/bar/restaurant names!).

I won’t share this picture as it takes away from the breath-taking beauty of this more or less perfectly conical mountain. Well not just a mountain, as it’s an active volcano which last erupted in 1707-1708 (so a good 300 years ago). What makes it so special and beautiful is its conical shape.

Wiki has a lot more info about it HERE

Mt. Fuji is one of 3 holy mountains in Japan and considered sacred, and before 1868 (approx date, this was the start of the Meiji era) women where only allowed to climb it once every 60 years as not to upset the mountain kami ( Kami being spirits, natural forces, or essence in the Shinto faith. See HERE), which was said to be female.

Mt. Fuji is also known to be elusive and to find it completely cloudless is not common. Many tourist will not get to see it in all it’s glory due to clouds covering part or all of it.

Your humble writer though got to see this

and like this

and from the left

and straight ahead

and from Lake Sai-ko
(This was around 2PM, note the clouds creeping in)

There is a lot more to it though, from the beautiful view to the surrounding mountain range

To the invasive nature of tourism
to flickr8

and it being part of everyday life of the working man. Who might just see it as “that mountain” or look upon its presence with awe each day.


Day 2 ends, tomorrow we’ll make our way back to Narita the scenic route, so more to come



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  1. Phyllis B
    May 23, 2012 @ 23:46:29

    How beautiful and interesting this all is.Thanks Ren for allowing us to share this trip with you and your family..Its the only way some of us will ever get to visit..


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