Down a country road, au revoir Mt. Fuji

after spending the night in Fuji-yoshida (did you know it has a Thomas the Tankengine theme park? We did not visit it but from the brochure it looked pretty cool for kids) we decided to make our way back to Narita via lake Motosu-ko and the back roads and catch the freeway closer to Tokyo. This was the last of the 5 lakes to see, and hopefully it would give us a final glance of Mt.Fuji.

The lake is big, referred to as Swan Lake, and although I saw one real swan, these swans surely wouldn’t fly anywhere soon


It was the oddest sight ever, whoever came up with the idea to create a gigantic swan boat?
Then again, I asked myself the same kind question when I saw a gigantic clog boat in a canal in Amsterdam, although I admit that was also a little envy, my tackier side would LOVE a clog boat! Dress up in my Dutch duds and row around the ‘hole’ in our creek singing bawdy Dutch sailor songs. Alas it would be fun not being grown up.

Anyways, if you think the Swan boat was odd, you should have seen my face when I spotted this gigantic carp or koi in the same spot from where we looked at the swan boat.


It’s a truly big fish 30-50CM long, maybe even longer if you think those are car tires. Then I spotted nr 2 when he sneaked into my picture.
But nothing left us as speechless as the appearance of this after about another 5-10 seconds
about 10-20 carp, frantically popping out of the water looking for a handful of fish food (which we then spotted you could buy on the docks)


There was even an albino one.

The Smurg loved this, and tried to touch them, after a failed attempt to throw herself into the lake with the fishies.

With final glance at the mighty mountain

we set route back towards Tokyo and Narita

The road went through an area were few tourists wander, no souvenir shops, no restaurants, no shops really of any kind.
unfortunately due to the narrowness and winding of the road I missed out taking some pictures of farmers working their rice fields, walking around in traditional and unusual clothing, a warning sign about bears (that was very interesting!) and a wheelbarrow full of rice plants.

We did however manage to take this shot up a valley towards Mt Fuji (hidden by clouds)

An hour and a half later we walked back into our hotel room



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Phyllis B
    May 23, 2012 @ 23:41:20

    Oh how fun this is..I love the big Swan Boat with the little ones.
    The giant goldfish is a hoot.. The albino one is so cool.All those hungry
    The photos your sharing with us are amazing..Its like being there with you daily..
    I look forward to my daily trip..
    Thanks Phyllis B


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