Sogo Reido Sanctuary or Tosho-ji Temple

Another day, another temple.
This time we popped into the Sogo Reido Sanctuary. The temple was erected in memory of Sogoro Kiuchi who was brutally murdered, with his four sons, by the Shogun of his district when he went to Edo (Tokyo) to make a direct appeal to the Shogun to help ease the peasants’ burden of heavy taxes and bad crops.
The peasants from the 389 villages in the Sakura district never forgot what Sogo had tried to do for them and kept a long vigil at his grave site.

You could say he was a Japanese version of Robin Hood. The sanctuary isn’t very big but has some lovely buildings and a really nice park.

Main Temple building

FLTR: back view of temple, Inside the temple (in most instances you are asked not to photograph the inside, here it was ok, if done from the outside), Bronze ornament, sign above the door of temple, incense burner

Small memorial. The children are supposed to represent children who died young. Local women, make them clothes so they do not get cold)

Stone pillar with revolving wooden cog. No idea what this is for, will ask someone who might be able to tell me, based on inscription

Huge butterfly sitting on azalea flower.



Temple restoration, pieces of roof waiting to be placed back in position

Main entry gate

Buddha with more children

Flowers between the spirit stones (for lack of a better word), these are the places where the souls of the departed rest

FLTR: Inscription on spirit stone, small temple, Temple bell behind waterlilly pond, Unusual wooden tree column placed within a hollowed out stone, tortoise statue at base of spirit stone, lion statue at base of lantern, huge lantern sculpture

And wishing you all a goodnight with this last peaceful image


Off to Tokyo tomorrow to see the Imperial Palace and gardens



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