Shinkansen……….. Kyoto here we comeeeeeee

No man would deny himself the excitement of going at 334kmph down the Japanese countryside, at least mine didn’t. So off we went to Kyoto by Shinkansen, better known as ‘The Bullet Train”.
Since 1964 they are the fastest trains in the world, with speed records of  581kmph (run as tests). To be honest I don’t think I would like to do 581kmph in a train, you wouldn’t see a thing, and the reason I like rain travel is to sit back and enjoy the view.

Anyways, off we went by train from Narita to Tokyo to catch our own bullet.

It’s a scary looking nose, and when it wooshes towards you in a station it looks like a giant snake is slithering in.

And here it is, one very proud man holding up his phone with speed app to show we really did break the speed limit



Wiki link to SHINKANSEN


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