The best laid plans of mice and men even go astray in Kyoto

You plan, and check, and research and on ‘the’ day you wake up and it’s pouring down with rain. Not a few lil drops but a proper tropical rain. So what do you do with a 19 month old, no stroller raincover and tropical rains in a foreign city?
Museums are off the list as she gets bored after about 30 minutes (which is still pretty good for a small thing like her), visiting shrines etc makes us all wet, so off to the aquarium hoping that by the time we’re done the rain is gone and we can go on with ‘the plan’.
Note though I’m not a planner when on holiday, I love to just set off and decide on the day where to go and what to do, but with a child you need to do some sort of planning unless you want a very unhappy critter in the group.

The aquarium wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, but the important thing is that The Smurg enjoyed it. She ran around freely, in awe at all the fishies. Nudging people around her and pointing at them with an “ohhhhh”. We adults had much joy from her antics.


I enjoyed the jelly fish the most. I love how ethereal and graceful they look, bells of crystal floating about, till they touch you, then they turn into vicious lil monsters.

When we got back outside, it was finally dry so we looked around the park and within minutes the floodgates opened again. So much for our rest of the day.
We decided to go back to the hotel, mind The Smurg in turns and do some shopping. I got some gorgeous fabrics for Smurg dresses and doll kimono’s.

In the evening we decided that we’d do a night bus tour of Kyoto, never mind the rain and see some of the sights we missed during the day.

The bus tour takes you around UNESCO World Heritage sites and it’s really lovely to see the buildings all lit up, even with rain.
I can highly recommend this if you ever go, HERE is a list of the buildings we saw.

Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day



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