The Little Yakitori Bar

Sometimes you come across a restaurant that for one reason or the other stands out from all the others you have been to.

In my life I have seen and eaten in more restaurants than most people will, not that I’m such a fan for eating out, but my job (pre-mamma job) meant I spend months abroad, living in hotels and eating out.

The Little Yakitori Bar in Nikko is one of those places. Yes the Yakitori is lovely, the Gyoza are the best I’ve eaten so far (not so greasy) but not exceptional. What makes this place an experience is that it’s small, homely and has the biggest collection of thank you notes from patrons I’ve ever seen.

CIMG0294 little yakatori bar
All 4 walls, the ceiling and entry are covered with them

If you ever go to Nikko, I recommend it, food is good, service is excellent and it’s truly good value

Tomorrow we’re off to see the temples



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