Word on the street: Onsen

Onsen – A hotspring
As quoted from WIKI:

…..Onsen by definition use naturally hot water from geothermally heated springs which is abundant in Japan.

The legal definition of an onsen includes that its water must contain at least one of 19 designated chemical elements, including radon and metabolic acid and be 25 °C or warmer before being reheated.

Onsen water is believed to have healing powers derived from its mineral content…

An Onsen is either mixed or male/female, and in or outdoor ones can be found all over the Japanese countryside. Apparently even colleagues will go to an Onsen as a bonding thing (according to Wiki), well I do love some of my colleagues but not sure if enough to trample around with them in the buff.


When you ‘take’ and onsen (if that’s correct English?) first you remove all your clothes and have a good wash, with water and soap, body and hair.

(NOTE Both these pictures aren’t mine, but I couldn’t take my camera into the Onsen in our hotel, so I searched the internet and found some on this site)


See on the right the showers etc? Thats where you actually wash and clean yourself before you jump into the Onsen (on the left). Onsens are taken for relax, medicinal purposes and such, not for washing.

Our hotel had both the indoor (see above) and this gorgeous outdoor onsen bath


The water was very hot, you know cold enough to be still able to get into it without jumping from one foot to the other, but hot. I slept like a baby afterwards.


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