Tobu World Square and Mt. Rushmore

Day to drive back home, so an easy day full of kiddie fun.

We decided to go and visit Tobu World Square, a theme park with the world in miniature. Holland has one, and as a child I loved to go there. Gulliver in my own country, peaking in on all the ‘people’ on streets, in houses, buildings, laughing, running, living their plastic lives.
Once there we realised The Smurg was just a tat too small to really enjoy it. Her love went to the wonderful recreation of Narita Airport and anything that showed a Buddha, or we had visited while in Japan.

On our way there what greeted us but a recreation of Mt, Rushmore and an abandoned Wild West theme park. There are many of these things to be seen in Japan, theme parks that have been abandoned and look rather forlorn.


I won’t bore you with pictures of Tobu, except a few of my favorites
My home country

One of the places we visited, and which The Smurg recognized

Loved the realism of this building with its weathered stones

What did intrigue me about Tobu was the incredible collection of bonsai. Bonsai are used through the whole park as trees. Their diminuitive size perfectly matched to the buildings.
A few examples





Wonderful don’t you think?



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