Ok it turned out to be a Japanese Giant Hornet but still when I spotted it on the floor I was quite pleased it was dead.
I don’t like wasps, or anything that looks like it, and one as big as this at least 6CM/2.4inch long is too much!


And when you then read it’s the most lethal creature in Japan, then I am very glad it cannot attack me.
As found on Wiki:
“The Japanese giant hornet is large and fearsome, but it is not particularly aggressive unless it feels threatened. It has a venom which is injected from the 6.25 millimetres (0.246 in) stinger and attacks the nervous system and damages tissues of its victims.[1] Compared to other hornet venom (tested only in mice which may not be applicable to humans), it is not particularly lethal by weight, having an LD50 of 4.1 mg/kg, which compares to the deadliest wasp venom (to mice) by weight of Vespa luctuosa at 1.6 mg/kg. Instead, the potency of its sting derives from the relatively large amount of venom it is able to inject with each sting.[2] Being stung is extremely painful and requires hospital treatment. On average 40 people die every year of anaphylactic shock after having been stung,[1] which makes the Japanese giant hornet the most lethal animal in Japan, as bears kill about ten people and venomous snakes kill five to ten people each year.”

Apparently it’s a rare sight in Narita too as locals where also ohhhh-ing and Ahhhhhhh-ing when they spotted it



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