Around the Bōsō Peninsula in a day – Gake Kannon Temple

After having some lunch at the restaurant next to the Hanto-Kanaya Spa outside Futtsu, we set off to our next destination: the Gake Kannon Temple.

Established around 717 by a priest called Gyoki. Gake Kannon means cliff temple, and I the name is most appropriate. Build against a nearly vertical rock face, you wonder how they ever got it there 1300 ago.


At the foot of the temple there are a few buildings


and a huge cemetery

If you ever visit, take the path on the right side (when facing the temple) it’s a lot less steep than the stairs on the left side!

Walk about half way up and you come to an area with a few more buildings and the office where you can buy your Ema. I’ve been getting The Smurg one at each temple or shrine we visited as a souvenir


Above the cliff face behind one of the buildings someone carved a word and a face

After our visit to Nikko, I spotted more and more sculptures of elephants around temples. This one had a couple too


There is something odd about some of them, maybe its their fierce look. So the on carved on this pedistal looks very realistic.


The interesting thing here was the shrine with the cobra statues. In these 3 months I have not come across any cobra’s at shrines and I cannot seem to find any information about them either.
It was sitting in between a whole lot of smaller shrines to Inari, but no references to Cobra’s in relation to Inari either.CIMG0951

Again an unusual Chōzubachi, this one hewn into the cliff

And then up to the actual Gake Kannon temple. The temple itself was closed but the view, even if the weather was so so, was spectacular!

Then back down again. Anything high up makes me a little nervous. Kids at nearly 2 are like eels, slippery and off before you know it. She likes stairs though, so it was easy to convince her to leave, not an easy feat normally with our little explorer.


One last glance, still wondering how they ever got it build, and feeling sorry for those who dragged all the materials up the cliff,


we set off to our next goal, Tateyama Castle



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