Around the Bōsō Peninsula in a day – Tateyama Castle

After our visit to the Gake Kannon Temple we set off south again to visit Tateyama castle.
Plans had been to go to Himeij, but as we hope to come back one day, we decided to leave Himeij and Nara for our next visit.

Although Tateyama Castle is new, as in as new as 1982, it is based on Inuyama Castle build in 1440 (and said to be Japan’s oldest castle) so gives a good idea what it would/could have looked like.
Build on top of a hill, the white structure looks stunning against the green treetops it towers above. We took a leisurely stroll up the hill, with a Smurg who kept wanting to go ‘that’ way. That way being a direction not in harmony with the direction The Parents had said. Very funny how quickly they get independent and decide to go their own way, when they so feel.


Nowadays Tateyama Castle is mainly devoted to exhibits pertaining to the epic novel Nanso Satomi Hakkenden, by Edo period author Takizawa Bakin.
Takizawa Bakin was a dedicated writer. Wiki says:
Nansō Satomi Hakkenden (南總里見八犬傳?, or using simplified kanji, 南総里見八犬伝) is a Japanese 106 volume epic novel by Kyokutei Bakin. It was written and published over a period of nearly thirty years (1814 to 1842). Bakin had gone blind before finishing the tale, and he dictated the final parts to his daughter-in-law Michi. It is translated as The Eight Dog Chronicles,[1] Tale of Eight Dogs,[2] or Biographies of Eight Dogs [3]”

I have not read it but I have added it to my ‘to read’ list. Apparently it’s still considered a wonderful piece of literature.
WIKI as more here.

The castle if full of books and drawings about this novel and it’s writer.

I loved the octopus with the banjo


and sumo wrestlers

There is a beautiful view from the castle, and only for that it’s worth visiting.
Unfortunately when we were there the weather was less than cooperative for views (or good pictures)

When you walk down you pass a small peacock garden
I’m not a fan of zoo’s, and this one made my heart cry when I spotted a solitary monkey in a cage with no toys, noting to keep it entertained and looking particularly sad. I broke all rules and fed the poor thing an orange (no flames! there were orange skins in the cage, so he eats them) he sure looked a lot more alert while trying to peel his food.

And yes, that’s the Smurg, quite enthralled by the peacocks.



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