Around the Bōsō Peninsula in a day – The crevice shrine

Days off again and we’ve decided to check out the Boso Peninsula. The weather is said to be overcast and rainy so a drive might just be the thing.

Narita, where we are staying, is on the Northern tip and the peninsula is east of Tokyo Bay and North & West of the Pacific.

We set off and took the tollway to Chiba and then just drove south along the coast.

Our first stop was between Kimitsu and Futtsu. Along the road we drove past a small Shinto shrine and stopped for a quick look.


This was quite special as the shrine was built inside a natural crevice. The Chōzubachi was rather primitive, but I like it as it’s different from others seen so far

These two are standing next to the stairs up to the shrine

The water seeped down from the back wall, and the whole thing is covered in lichen and ferns. Notice the statue on the right, against the rock? He is quite well camouflaged

To the right, there was a sign, which I think might have explained more of the shrine, but I can’t read it. That’s such a frustrating feeling! I speak/read/write 5 languages and feel totally at loss at times here.

Always love to look for statues and tiny shrines in unusual places

We didn’t go and check the shrine at the top of these stairs, as we weren’t sure (not sure why) if the area was closed off.

Good reason to go back again one day



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