Around the Bōsō Peninsula in a day – The reclining Buddha at Jorakuzan Mantokuji temple

We’ve been back awhile but I still need to update some of our last weeks in Japan. I’ll backdate them so for future reference they still fit into the right order and such)

Leaving Tateyama Castle we made our way south to visit Jorakuzan Mantokuji temple with one of the few reclining buddha’s of Japan.
The temple is rather new, having been made in the mid 1980’s but it’s still worth a visit.


In comparison to many temples and shrines here you can actually get really close to the statue itself and touch it.
It’s said if you walk around the buddha 3 times in clockwise direction, made easy by a walkway which goes around it in a spiral, and then touch the feet of the Buddha your wish will be granted.


I had nothing to wish for, I guess after spending so long in Japan, on a holiday really I feel rather blessed and not in need of anything to wish for (although on departure I sure wished for a ‘beam me up Scotty’ machine to beam our luggage over!). THe Smurg enjoyed the fact that there was no “don’t touch that!” moment and she could roam freely, touch freely and with all the restrictions of being in a city, she loves freedom.

I came away with another ema for her collection and a gorgeous jade prayer bracelet given to me by the other half, some nice pictures and a sense of contentedness (is that an English word?)

If you ever plan to visit this place, it might be handy to know that upon approach from the north the entrance to the temple will be on your left, right before a 7-11. When we visited there was no sign indicating its presence beside the red torii.

We decided to continue driving south and then back north around the other side of the peninsula. Weather still awful, now with a steady drizzle which made it little fun to get out of the car.

This was the southern most point and down that way *points* Australia should be… oh I miss home at times.


Missing home or not our intrepid explorers trod on and slowly start making their way north when lo and behold! One spots a windmill!


Some things are just not expected in Japan, Mt Rushmore, windmills and other oddities. It turned out to be part of the Maruyama district ‘Shakespeare Village’.

Unfortunately at the time they where doing some major maintenance work

Seems many places we went to decided to do just that when we decided to visit, alas, it was a lovely curiosity. I hopped out of the car and peeked inside one of the windows and saw this wonderful miniature reconstruction of ‘The Globe Theatre”


The rest of the journey was rather uneventful, dreary sky, rain, gorgeous rugged coastline, uncooperative cormorants (these are birds the Japanese train to fish for them. More about them on Wiki) who refused to stay put while I focused camera (cheeky ones!) and a lot of hills.
Still love to go about the Japanese countryside and see villages and towns where there is little or no tourism



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