When a ‘Circus’ makes you wonder what goes on in the head of dolls

My friend Marlis introduced me to a lady who designs and gives birth to some very unusual BJDs (ball jointed dolls), Nefer Kane. Gosh to be honest Marlis is a very naughty friend as she introduces me to so many lovely dolls!

There are heaps of BJDs around, 100s of different companies, artists, designers, models, sizes, but Nefer’s dolls are unique. They have a haunting look, they don’t conform to the current standards of beauty physically, they are ‘Nefer’ no other way to describe them.

Nefer and her dolls make me think. I always wondered if her name derived from Nefertiti ( I should ask her one day) and as such is Egyptian in origin. Did some searching on the internet and came across the hieroglyph for Nefer,


Unless you know her dolls you wont see what I noticed staight away. Her dolls look like the Nefer hieroglyph! Seems that they are Nefer in more than one way. 

I added the hieroglyph over a picture of her Iracebeth (see http://circuskane.com/2012/10/07/ldoll-2012-and-official-opening-of-iracebeth-preorder/ for more pictures of this doll. I did not take the picture I used a blurred one from her site) to show you what I mean.



The tall narrow spine and neck, the slim arms and rounded hip area. Just like the hieroglyph.

Unfortunately Nefer dolls are out of my budget reach, so for me it’s a simple case of eyecandy I look at them and wonder.  I wonder what goes on in their little heads, why the sad look and what they ate to have such a wonderful round bottom and thighs!

Seeing Nefer is based in France (If I recall correctly! Sorry Nefer if I got that wrong) it must be some scrumptious French desert or entree. A piece of baguette with a chunk of brie, a yummy croissant filled with apricot confiture..arghhhhh hungry now.

So do check out her website at WWW.CKDOLLS.COM and blog http://circuskane.com/ and judge for yourself. She is an artist.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. joanie
    Dec 20, 2012 @ 09:59:03

    Great information, thanks. Joan


  2. Maktub
    Dec 20, 2012 @ 20:59:34

    Hi Joan, good to see you here again. She is an amazing artist don’t you think? Beside the fact if you like or not her style, she is unique


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