Alais Japan postponed

Sorry for not notifying everyone earlier but we had to postpone our visit to Japan.

My Nanna in law got ill and then passed away at the rip old age of 93. We have been dealing with her loss and estate and trying to make our little one understand why Nanna is not around any more.

One of the hardest things with a 2-year-old.

This was followed by the family cat injuring himself quite seriously while jumping down a tree. Many $$ later and one leg less, our Ninja cat is now called hop-a-long Cassidy and slowly recovering from the amputation.

So our trip had to be postponed for a while.



Japan once again

Well it’s confirmed, within 2 weeks we’ll be off to Japan again. Am packing like crazy, tidying up, getting the house ready and planning our trip.

Naturally there will be time in Narita, a day or so in Tokyo and then what? What other sights to see this time.

It’s too late in the year to see the snow monkeys have hotbaths, we might go back to Hakone, we did not get a good chance to see that last time.

For those who followed and might still read, any suggestions of where to go?



Curb Trove: Display Cabinet & Display doodah shelf thingy

I did it again!
Although this time is more a hand me down than a curb trove. Someone asked me if I was interested in a 1960-70s display cabinet.
Well like shoes, a woman can never have enough display cabinet when she lives in the Australian countryside along a dirt road (lots of dust during the summer!) when she collects so many things. So I said yes. Still need to go and pick it up but this is what it looks like


It needs some work, a good dust, a repaint and maybe new legs, although I’m quite partial to these ones. Based on the measurements given it might not fit at the end of my corridor, where I’d like it, so if it doesn’t it will move to our bedroom.

Plans already forming. If it will go to our bedroom, I will sand the whole thing down, and repaint it white so it will fit with the bed I’m planning to build (but that’s another story) and maybe replace the drawer handles with something new. If it does fit at the end of the corridor I will repaint it black and leave handles as is, depending on how worn out they are or replace with similar.

I’m very taken by the cabinet and looking forward to work on it.

Said that I’m also working on another curb trove. I’m not sure what to call it so display doodah shelf thingy will do.


Nothing fancy but it will look gorgeous once I stain it and move it to the other side of the house and stack the top with my collection of teacup planters, full of plants, and hang of the rail (which does not show well in this picture) teapots full of plants.

So I got another 2 projects to get working on


Running behind

so much happening so little time! Got a lot to share from the last week but just not found the time to sit down and write it all up.

Now off for 3 days to Kyoto, so next week even more to write about.

Wish everyone and wonderful weekend


Thank you

When I started this blog it was going to be a story I’m writing for my daughter, known online as The Smurg, which I wanted to share with my friends.
Then this trip to Japan just fell into our laps and it has turned into a travel journal, at least till we’re back home.

This evening, while waiting for my biking hippy (long story but that’s how I was described my now life partner before we met) to come back from work, I did some more digging into the functionalities of this blog and came across a ‘stats’ area.
Very interesting reading, so much I thought I’d write about it.

The stats list a variety of things, but what caught my attention is the countries from where people are reading what I write.


From the US, I know these are my dolly friends, the Smurg’s Omi, the “chook lady” I met in Mexico.
From Holland is my friend the Sand lady, from Australia more dolly friends, and I hope our skydiving fisher friend, South Africa is Miniature lady (no she isn’t a dwarf, she simply makes the most wonderful dollhouse miniatures).
But the other countries, Malaysia, Romania, Russia, France, New Zealand, Canada, leave me wondering, as no one jumps to mind at the moment (sorry guys if I am having a blonde moment!)

The same with people who have sent ‘likes’ for things I posted, it’s encouraging to know so far I’m not yet boring or my pictures are still of reasonable interest and quality.

So to those who follow my blog and those who send likes, friends or passing ships in the night, thank you


P.S Not much sightseeing happened the last couple of days, been busy unpacking, washing, shopping (Found the most adorable wooden play set for the Smurg, table top cooker, pans, plates, cutlery and food! Weighs a ton but it will come back home with us) and taking the Smurg to the park to burn off some energy

Prayer to a deity, any deity willing to listen

Please deity with big open ears, make it that my child talks.

Yesterday we had a 30 min ‘wobbly’ of those banshi gremlin kinds, that left both of us deaf, nearly blind and with a massive headache because Madame Le Princesse did not manage to convey with her usual uhmmm ahmmm ihmmmms what she wanted. Never happened before, and hope to never see it again.

Utterly at loss with it, so please make her start talking