Lotus Plant update

Well it’s been 2 months and my lotus went nuts! The original seed has rotted away, and so far the 4th root system has sprouted.

lotus plant

I’ve not been a very good mommy to it as it only went into its heavy clay today, so the roots will finally manage to get some grip on something, and settle before the plant dies down during winter.
It’s interesting to see how it continues to grow and creates other ‘plants’ simply by shooting of to the side. This also explains why it’s considered a pest, it be hard to eradicate once you got it in a pond, and why they advise to plant it in a pot or fish pond.


The bad news is the other 2 seeds did not germinate, luckily I have 3 more seeds and I will plant those next spring.



2 out of three isn’t bad!

Well it seems one of my seeds wasn’t viable, as so far I have sprouting on the other 2.
One is doing really well with a second leaf slowly appearing, the other one just has the 1st leaf. I wonder if this is due to how much I sanded the seeds. Next year I will see if I can sand them the same and see if that makes a difference.


For now I am pretty happy that I got 2 to sprout, and can’t wait till they are ready for their home pot. Mind you! There will be no flowers till next year



I’m all exited it’s only been a couple of days and two of my seeds are showing signs of life!
Terrible picture and will fix that tomorrow, but it shows whats happening in my soup bowl

Maybe we shall turn our motorless spa into a lotus pond