Curb trove: police pedal car

I think at times I’m very lucky that my other half is such an accommodating fella. Doesn’t matter what sort of odd things I think up, he might shake his head but never says anything negative.
Not even when I am in my Curb Pirate mode and end up with another treasure. About 18 months ago, when my Smurg was only 6 months old, I found this amazing doll house.



I know! The local graffiti brigade has been past, but it has potential! (I would make a great estate agent). It’s made of wood, with windows and doors that open and close, a gorgeous turned staircase and heaps of potential.

I have so far ripped roof off, carpet out, wallpaper of, cleaned all the windows and then painted the inside white. I have (well the boss did) covered the roof with the rounded end of tongue depressors and painted them red and am waiting for cooler weather to paint the window/door frames and carpet the floors.
Once done I will show how it looks.

Now last week, another curb trove was carted off home. The Police Pedal Car

This one needs a lot less work. Daddy will check the mechanics after which I will remove rust, recover seat and polish it.
One happy smurg patrols our veranda now

Off to check the Lotus seeds